World Downloads

Here are the worlds that are featured in my videos:

The Chickenator 9001: (Previously the Chickenator 5000):
Contains Creations from all videos except “Visually Appealing Gravity Trap”

The Meat Grinder:
Contains the Meat Grinder, showcased in the video “Visually Appealing Gravity Trap”,.

Record Production Facility:
A machine designed to put monsters in between you and a skeleton, so it kills them for records. This is the same world as The Meat Grinder, but the player starts in a different location.

Zombie Pigman Grinder:
A machine in the nether that drops Zombie Pigmen to their death for easy porkchop acquisition.

The Dark Spire:
Another mob trap that is based off of one water spring, and doesn’t get ruined by Endermen. I took apart the scaffolding for filming the video, as it’s not necessary for the machine’s operation, so if you want an in-depth look, you’ll have to build your own.

Quest for the Golden Apple:
With the series complete, feel free to download the world and revisit all the sites from the videos, or have your own adventure! Hold the Golden Apple that I adventured all over the world for in your very own hands!

Auto-Cobble Harvester:
My non-functioning version of an automatic cobblestone harvester. Good luck trying to figure it out! I sure couldn’t…

The Wheatmaster:
A wheat farm connected to an 80 minute timer, accented by an alarm system.

Muse Farms:
The much anticipated Muse Farms world download! Complete with the chest full of adventuring gear that I attained on Muse Farms to start my journey for the End portal. Start your own end journey!

Subject XE:
This is the map from the Subject 882E video. Bear in mind, just like the video, you only get one life. Make it count!

The Beefpress:
The world from the Beefpress video. Use this machine to create massive quantities of steak!

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