Musecraft Server

Musecraft is a server geared towards those who want to play Minecraft multiplayer without dealing with artificial economies, overpowered admins, magical powers (like teleporting and item spawning), or anything that is too far off from vanilla Minecraft.

You have two options upon joining Musecraft- The first is to run into the wilderness and make your own way. There are no rules. You are free to build, grief, murder, and steal as much as you want. The downside is, you will not get any special protections, so your house is vulnerable as well.

Alternatively, you can choose to live inside the safe zone, currently dubbed New Cluckifornia. Within these borders, buildings are protected, pvp is off, and griefing is bannable.

Musecraft is not a white-listed server. Anyone can join. If you are interested in being a member of Musecraft, the IP is:


If you are interested in applying for Moderator, click here

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